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1 Hour

About the Course

At Academic Learner, we've introduced science as a whole course, ensuring that students understand everything there is to know about Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Our team of Certified Faculty members are highly qualified and have impressive educational backgrounds. We fully comprehend your child's needs, and we guarantee to look after them, provide them with the best knowledge, and instruct them on how to achieve academic success. Take our Free Demo Class to learn more about it. After you complete the demo class, an academic counsellor will contact you to help you understand the entire curriculum, the payment options, and how to move forward.

500 +  Students  Joined
10 +  Countries  Connected
15000 +  Hours  of  Live Session  Conducted

Your Mentor

Academic Learner Mentor

BSc, MSc., Certified Science Tutor

Innovative Practices in Our Class