Academic Learner is a creative idea being involved by the school to bring premium online education for the students and help them with multi growth and idea generation throughout the process of learning. The Institute focuses on all-round development of the students and thus came up with an idea to start online and offline classes and home tutor programs along with other co-curriculum studies and activities for the student to develop their skills in a wide variety as per their own electives. 

The Sanskriti International School is another venture that Mrs. Smriti Nag, the founder of the School and Institute is planning to bring into existence. It going to be one of the First International Schools at Jorhat, Assam. The School is Founded by Mrs. Smriti Nag in memory of her husband Late Purnendu Nag. The foundation stone for the school is laid in the name of the Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Swami Swarupananda Paramhansa Dev. The School is planning to commence its first class in the upcoming year 2023 from the very grassroots level the Play school and preparatory level. Realizing the importance of a premium school offering quality education to all the students from different backgrounds irrespective of their caste and creeds, and parental income, the school has reserved seats for the EWS category offering them Scholarships based on the entrance exams for the selection of the students. The School offers easy admissions for the wards of officers of All India and Allied services and Defence Personnel on transfer or new admission.

The school is open to all students irrespective of their parent's professions or branch of government. The school also realizes its responsibility towards the marginalized sections of society and has been admitting students from these backgrounds. At present, the school admits 25% of students from the economically weaker sections of society. Sanskriti International School is a Private Sector School, providing quality education and extracurricular activities to the students. From the time of its inception, the school has excelled in academics as well as co-curricular activities. 


The motto of the school is "Vidhyaya cha vimuchyate" which translated in to English means,"Knowledge is liberation". This reflects the spirit and the philosophy of Sanskriti. Here we work towards bringing about a holistic development of the children who are entrusted to our care. The objectives of the school are manifold.

  • To provide a stimulating, purposeful, cheerful, safe and secure environment, enabling all children to develop academically and socially.

  • To make students realize that striving for excellence, in all areas of life must be the goal in life.

  • To understand that each student is a unique individual with rights and responsibilities.

  • To have classes with fewer students so that each student receives individual attention.

  • To encourage students to take pride in their own achievements.

  • To make students aware that a disciplined environment contributes to the achievement of one’s goal .

vision & Mission

The Vision and the Mission of the school are totally different from one's point of view. Yes, we do strive for excellence but our main focus is on building the child's future right from the very beginning he/she is admitted to the school. Our mentor and time to time inspections and providing proper guidance and attention to the students make them more exposed to the skills they want to learn and also exposing them towards the upcoming and advancement of the course structure. We do provide them with updated coding classes, design classes, projects and workshops, providing them with training, and also in the meantime getting the physical exercise done is a must. We at Sanskriti International School provide our students with different indoor and outdoor sports, cultural and social activities and encourage them to participate in different national and international level sports and activities. Our Vision is to make every individual an all-rounder and providing them with proper education and knowledge and skills.